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New release

Sleep Tincture

Doctor-formulated sleep aid for easier, deeper and longer sleep

Drift into a deep, restful sleep with the new Sleep Tincture.

  • Dr.-formulated
  • Hand-poured with love in Detroit, MI
  • Made with organic plant-based ingredients that support your body's natural ability to get a deep, restful night's sleep

Just $2 per night on subscription

Meet the Sleep Tincture

- Sleep great every night, guaranteed

- Instead of groggy or tired, wake up feeling refreshed and energized

How to use

Place 1 full dropper (1mL) under your tongue 3 hours before bed. Wait 60 seconds before swallowing

In the unlikely event you feel groggy the next morning, simply lower the dose to 1/2 a dropper

Product details

- 30 servings per bottle
- Made with raw full spectrum hemp extract (raw = never distilled, "winterized" or refined)
- Organic, gluten free, vegetarian, non-GMO
- No artificial sweeteners or flavors

30-night guarantee

Sleep like a baby every night for a month, or it's on us

Just email for a full refund


MCT Coconut Oil*, Raw Full Spectrum Hemp Extract*, Copaiba Oil*, Lemon Balm Oil*, Chamomile Oil*, Valerian Root Oil*, Hops Oil* and Stevia*


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Nick George

falling asleep has been so much easier and feels good doing it. I don't worry about how late I might stay up anymore because I know I have something that will help me with that, which is the sleep tincture.

Sam Kurland
Calm a racing mind, wake up fresh and sharp

I've been using Sojen since pretty much day 1, and I've tried (and loved) all their products. So I was obviously pretty excited when they released this sleep tincture. And after a few weeks of using it, I can honestly say this is my favorite product yet. I typically take it around an hour before my target bedtime, which helps me mentally shift towards the process of winding down. Then by the time I climb into bed I feel relaxed, centered, and ready to drift off to sleep. I used to sometimes have a hard time falling asleep as my thoughts were racing, reviewing everything I had done today and running through what I had to do tomorrow, but not anymore. And I consistently sleep through the night, which used to be rare. But the best part is probably how well-rested I feel when I wake up. That true, deep, REM sleep feeling. Can't recommend this product enough, Sojen knocked it out of the park again.

New necessity!!

I have been giving this to my autistic son for 5 days now. He has a difficult time settling down at night. I give him a full dropper around 6:00 PM and he is lights out by 9:00 and he has been sleeping through the night!! Also I need to mention how awesome the customer service order got lost in the mail and they sent me a new order ASAP!!

Zachary Vitu
Superior Sleep!

My sleep schedule is very inconsistent so I was very excited to try the sleep tincture. After the first time taking it, I noticed feeling better rested in the morning and sleeping through the night peacefully without fail. I really enjoy the product and consider it a treat when I take a dose before a nights rest. I absolutely love the natural ingredients and health benefits that are provided!

Jonas, Alexa, Loki, Thor, Odin & Elsa Fogarty
Nectar of the Gods!

Simple and clean ingredients that work! This is all that is needed for a rejuvenating nights sleep. The best part? You wake up refreshed and ready to go. No grogginess, only godliness!