The uncharted path forward

“Sojen” is the combination of a Japanese word meaning unexplored place and a Danish word meaning to adventure. This combination results in our company mission to take the uncharted path forward. This means finding the best solution, not just the familiar one. 

Working in demanding jobs, we began to realize that while the workplace had nearly limitless choices for snacks and caffeinated beverages, there wasn’t an option to help bring mental clarity or relieve stress.

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“Sojen is our way of sharing our belief that the workday can be productive without being stressful.”

Sojen (so-gin): Originating from Danish and Japanese, Sojen is the uncharted path forward.

For us, this means finding the best solution, not just the familiar one.

I have always had to work longer and harder than most to make up for my lack of attention. Sojen has helped me personally see tasks as they are and not as stressful mountains I have to overcome. I just want the opportunity to share this with everyone else who has also been in these shoes.

- Andrew (Partner & CMO)

It is about changing people’s preconceptions about hemp and helping people to realize that there is a path to focus outside of stimulants and medications.

- Caleb (Co-founder)

I worked on Wall Street and despite how demanding the job was, there were basically no resources from my company to help me cope with the stress, just coffee to keep me wired. When we started Sojen, our vision was to help people to feel better at work without sacrificing performance.

- Nick (Co-founder)

What motivates us to get out of bed every morning is working towards a better future.


Sojen’s journey is ongoing, and we continue to find better ways forward for ourselves and our customers. We’d love to get your feedback and hear how we could improve so please drop us a line at!