Look Inside the Making of the Sojen Sleep Tincture

Look Inside the Making of the Sojen Sleep Tincture

I am super psyched that people are as amped about the Sleep Tincture as I am. Check out some of the awesome reviews at the end of this post.


In this post, I want to share why you’re getting more healthy, sleep-promoting nutrients with the Sojen Sleep Tincture than with other hemp or sleep supplements on the market.


Dr. Victoria Chan (Sojen Scientific Advisor) and my guiding principle for this tincture was:

To use the most effective, organic and research-backed ingredients for promoting sleep that are as raw/unrefined as humanly possible.


Refining a plant extract tremendously impacts its efficacy for you as the consumer. This is because each stage of refinement removes a layer of healthy, organic nutrients. Those nutrients occurred naturally in the plant, but now, after refining, they are lost to you.


Nowhere is this more true than with hemp extracts. Terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids – which together create the therapeutic “entourage effect” – are lost.


Despite this, 99.9% of companies still subject their hemp extract to stage after stage of distillation, winterization and other forms of refinement. Because no two hemp plants are exactly alike, refining homogenizes the extract so that it’s easier to mass produce products with.


Well, Dr. Chan and I didn’t like that approach. Our philosophy is to use well-researched, organic ingredients that are as close as possible to how they occur in nature. 


In addition to lemon balm, copaiba, chamomile, valerian root and hops, the Sleep Tincture is formulated with full-spectrum hemp extract that is 100% RAW. It's never distilled, winterized or otherwise refined. The benefit to you is that, dose per dose, you are getting more healthy, naturally-occurring nutrients with the Sleep Tincture than with other sleep aids on the market.


This creates additional work for us because we need to ensure that you're getting a consistent product every single time. And doing so requires us to adapt our formula to the variances from one hemp plant to the next (remember, no two hemp plants are alike).


But that’s part of the joy of formulating. We evaluate the oils we use in the Sleep Tincture in much the same way a winemaker samples grapes or a chef smells fresh herbs at the market. For us, it’s as much art as science.



There are 70 million people struggling with chronic sleep problems in America. The purpose of the Sleep Tincture is to give people like you an organic, doctor-formulated alternative that works. Dose for dose, it’s got more sleep-promoting organic nutrients than other supplements on the market, and it all comes back to our philosophy.


If you've got any questions about the Sleep Tincture, please call, text or email me anytime at (330) 635-1674 or nick@sojen.co. 


If you're ready to make a risk-free investment in the only sleep supplement you'll ever need, then mosey on over to our store and get yours today.

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