Flow State Episode 2: Tommy Sandoval

Flow State Episode 2: Tommy Sandoval


"Weirdly enough, I did a bunch of mushrooms. I was stuck in this parking lot and I was tripping. Everything's all moving crazy. I got my skateboard and I'm cruising around, and whenever I'm cruising around, everything is perfectly normal. But, as soon as I get off my skateboard, everything went fuckin' crazy. That's kinda when I knew - it was probably when I was like 17 or 18 - so, that really hit me and I was like, "I need this skateboard under my feet!" That's a sign. If you find comfort even in the weirdest of times where you would need a friend or something, I really only had one or two people around me who were tripping, and they weren't skating. So they didn't understand where I was at, and I didn't want to go get on their level, so I just had my skateboard be my friend. I was like, "Alright, dude, I’m just gonna need to be on this all the time, and, whatever happens, keep it under my feet.""



"Things were just really clicking, so I was like, "Huh, I’m gonna try that frontside flip." It became this mathematical process of footing, timing, turning and then it figured itself out. I was probably there for what seemed to be an hour or two doing the same trick repetitively. And, I was drenched, just sweating, and I was probably fryin' too, but I couldn’t feel that as much as just being connected to the trick. And, I was so in that zone that nothing else around me - I mean, there's cars in the parking lot, there's people - I don’t care who's looking at me, who says what, I don't even think I could hear anything at that point; I was just IN. THE. ZONE."



"Since then, I figured it out in that parking lot on that mushroom trip, and then I came off that mushroom trip and skated a week later. And, I'm like, "Fuck, I still got the trick. So, like, I actually figured it out." But, it was crazy. That’s always been my story when people ask me, "Oh, how do you get good at frontside flips?" or "How'd you get good?" I'm like, "Oh, you don’t wanna know how I got good because it’s definitely not gonna be the way that you got good!""



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