An Anxiety Doctor Answers Your Burning Questions About Anxiety

An Anxiety Doctor Answers Your Burning Questions About Anxiety

Many of us are feeling more anxious than ever lately. With the lingering effects of COVID-19 and the violence in Ukraine, it can feel like our peace of mind is bombarded from all sides. 


Thankfully, Sojen Anxiety Expert Dr. Victoria Chan is here to answer our burning questions about anxiety.


What is the biggest misconception you’ve heard about anxiety?


“Anxiety is not curable.” Anxiety is a symptom due to a real underlying cause (just like every other health condition)—and there are many more causes besides “chemical imbalances.” Telling people that their anxiety is something they must simply put up with forever is so disempowering because it’s very possible to overcome! My clients and I are living proof that it’s possible to not only erase anxiety but also to keep it away! You just need the right tools. I went from daily panic attacks that landed me in the ER to now being anxiety-free. So it’s possible for you too! 


What is happening in my body when I’m feeling anxious?


An imbalance within a body system causes the physical/psychological reactions of anxiety. That imbalance can be caused by something biological, situational, emotional, etc. Root causes include imbalances of detoxification pathways, sleep, automatic responses, stress response, inflammation, digestion, blood sugar, hormones, immune responses, plus so much more. There are root causes that are just as influential as neurotransmitters at causing anxiety. That’s why tools (like medications) that mostly focus on neurotransmitters may not work for everyone. For folks who want to learn how to holistically tackle the different root causes of anxiety, you can watch my anxiety classes here.


Is a certain amount of anxiety good for me? How much?


Yes and no. An anxiety response in itself is not inherently bad. Our bodies designed this system where short bursts of anxious responses keep us alert and safe. However, our bodies aren’t meant to be in a prolonged state of anxiety. So anxiety for long periods is where detriments happen—our connected body systems can get thrown out of balance, thus causing tangential health problems and more anxiety. Also, anxiety during times when it’s not needed is a problematic anxiety response.


How do I know when I’m feeling anxious?


Anxiety looks different for everyone. It can manifest physically, psychologically, emotionally, behaviorally, or a combination of any of those. The classic symptoms include feeling restless, increased heart rate, shaking, fast breathing, difficulty concentrating, nausea, or racing mind. But it can also look like digestive problems, avoiding tasks more often, sleep problems, difficulty tolerating stressful situations, fatigue, vision problems, short-temper, or derealization.


Will I get less anxious as I age?


Age is not a causative factor for anxiety—your root causes are. If you don’t treat your root cause, your anxiety will continue to persist (no matter your age). Also, I’ve clinically seen that there’s often not one singled-out root cause of anxiety (since body systems are so interconnected). So you need to find a system to address the different root causes of anxiety, plus the right tools to effectively tackle each one. 


How do the ingredients in Sojen Focus support resiliency against anxiety?


A hugely significant contributor to anxiety is inflammation. So much so that I spend an entire module in my signature anxiety program focusing on this one specific thing. Sojen Focus is great because it contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping support the resolution of a major anxiety contributor. 


If I’m anxious, how can I prevent it from interfering with my life and goals?


Tackle your root causes! Anxiety symptoms are like smelly trash—to get rid of the smell, you need to take out the trash (resolve your root causes) instead of spraying it indefinitely with air freshener (tools that only briefly suppress your symptoms). If you keep masking the problem, anxiety is always going to be there interfering with your life and goals. 


To ensure that anxiety doesn’t overtake your life and stunt your potential, you need a holistic system and effective tools that will address root causes. In my program The Banish Anxiety MethodTM, I specifically help my clients do that in this particular order (because this is what I’ve seen to be the most clinically effective): Discover root causes, Detoxify anxiety, Remove anxiety-inducers, Add anxiety-quenchers, then Cultivate sustainability. 

How can I turn my mind off at night?


I feel like a broken record (ha!) but take care of your root causes! Your racing mind is happening for a reason—it’s not all in your head. Something very real is happening that’s causing this and you need to tackle the root causes to stop it. Sometimes meditation or de-stressing isn’t enough (not because those methods don’t work, but it’s because they’re not helping your specific root causes). 



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