37x Episode 3: Soeuraya Wilson, Finding the "Moment" and Staying Calm  (2-3 min read)

37x Episode 3: Soeuraya Wilson, Finding the "Moment" and Staying Calm (2-3 min read)

Soeuraya Wilson, a Miami based Meditation Instructor with The Class, chats with us about finding the right "moment" to meditate.  


1. So for those who don’t know, what is Meditation?

There are so many types of meditation; focused meditation, silent meditation, mindful meditation, many different variations for different people. At its core, at its essence, It’s really just bringing awareness to your breath, so that you have a moment to take space away from outside ‘irritants’ so to speak.


2. What was the journey that brought you to experiencing Meditation and how it could benefit both you and others? 

It was back at a time in my life where I was really looking for something different, outside of the ‘organized’ religion I experienced growing up. I was exploring Buddhism and other movements, practices, and religions and I started doing yoga on a pretty regular basis at Yoga To The People in New York. I remember going, and at the end, we went to Shavasana, and that's always part of a yoga class, but this time the teacher very much encouraged us to think of it as a meditation with our body.

The way she guided us, there weren’t any expectations, she just said that you’re already here and you're laying, why not just pay attention to how you are laying, and then go into that process. I had always felt good after leaving yoga, but leaving that day, I felt different. That for sure felt ‘different’ and I wanted to explore ‘different'. That was the beginning of my lifelong journey with yoga.


3. When is the right time to meditate if you are feeling stressed?

You know, I think we give ourselves moments to meditate when it's already too late or when we are already too far past our ‘boiling point’ so to speak. And I think meditation is particularly beneficial in these moments, as well as on a regular basis. Meditating consistently, 20 minutes a day is beneficial, but I think implementing meditation in moments right when you need it and not after makes a big difference. Another thing that can helpful is to have a supplement routine that helps to reduce daily stress. I’ve been taking Sojen every morning and I’m in love with it! I really started to notice a difference in my mood a couple weeks to a month in and now it’s just a part of my routine.

4. How have your experiences practicing and teaching Meditation affected the way you approach the rest of your life?

You know my relationship with meditation goes on and off, some weeks, some days, it’s hot and heavy and I’m doing all of it all the time. But other times, like life, I think the moment escapes me.  It's those moments where I’m five zoom meetings deep, and I have to get into the car to go teach and I’ll realize I don’t even know where my left or my right is. At those moments I have gotten better at telling myself no! Sit for a second. Sit. Close your eyes. Put your hands on your body, and feel yourself breathe and use it. Those are the moments that make the biggest difference.

5. Do you have any basic Meditation tips for beginners?

It really comes down to having the willingness to sit and be still for a moment, and then to come to breath. If you think a meditation guide would be helpful for you, find someone who you feel comfortable with, that has good energy!


You can find Soeuraya on The Class

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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