Introducing Sojen Exhale

A limited-run home yoga bundle that includes a Sojen product of choice, a lululemon yoga mat and 3 virtual yoga classes so you can confidently practice yoga at home.

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Yoga for every experience level

Sojen Exhale was born from the desire to make the benefits of yoga enhanced by Sojen more accessible for everyone.

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Rethink your workday

Sojen creates innovative hemp products that provide calm, clear-headed confidence and focus.

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"My job is so insane that the sound of every work notification would set me off and taking Sojen everyday has helped ease my mind."

Bri M. (Los Angeles, CA)

"I rely on the Refocus Oil to keep my brain from spinning when I'm multi-tasking during a meeting and when I can't turn my brain off at night."

Colleen S. (Sag Harbor, NY)

"Sojen has created a noticeable difference in my days, helping me focus more effectively. When I forget to take it, I really notice a difference."

Sean B. (New York City, NY)

"Sojen helps me recenter after a long day so I can get back into my work late at night. I’ve never been able to pick back up like that. Plus, it tastes delicious."

Ryan M. (Austin, TX)

When you breathe easy, so does the earth

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