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I'm Sojen, your natural anxiety relief tincture without the side effects for just $1 per day


"COVID-19 has posed a challenge to people's mental wellbeing. Sojen has come up with a unique solution to ease the collective angst."

"Seeing that we all need a little TLC right now, [Sojen] is offering a care package that aims to bring comfort to quarantined New Yorkers."

Why Sojen?


So, what's in it?

CBD oil

Made by pressing the oil from the hemp plant, CBD oil is the subject of more than 5,000 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. It's been shown to boost mood and calm nerves. We use hemp that is organically-grown in Colorado.

Copaiba oil

Revered in the Amazon for its medicinal qualities, copaiba oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and neuroprotectant from the copaiba tree native to Brazil. We use sustainably-sourced copaiba from a 4th generation family farm.

Peppermint oil

Beloved in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, peppermint oil is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. At Sojen, we use peppermint oil that’s sustainably harvested on a 120-year-old family farm in the south of France.

What are you waiting for?

You deserve to calm your nerves, naturally


I started Sojen because I couldn't bear the side effects of my prescription anxiety medication